Text message helps you build long-term loyalty from your customers by delivering important information or notifications at just the right moment. The average open rate for Transactional SMS is 98%, making it one of the most powerful ways to reach your contacts. 

Performance Insights

Measure SMS campaign effectiveness by analyzing delivery and response rates. Proactively assess all of your campaign costs through the Mobitel Platform.

Premium Transactional SMS

Send your automated text messages directly to your contacts’ smartphones in over 100 countries around the world. Reach your customers no matter their location.

No length Limitation

Send SMS campaigns with no length limitations. Even when you exceed 160 characters, your SMS will remain as one complete message.

Regional Language

We support all languages from English to Hindi, plus many, many more. Speak to your customers through automated text messages in their language.

Powerful Search Tools

Track SMS delivery historical data for individual destination numbers. Gain insight through simple but powerful tools.

Customized SMS

Send automated text messages with personalized details such as balance due. Make SMS work for your business with a cost-effective text messaging service.