Using Mobitel SMS Marketing Platform you can segment your customer base and increase your revenue using personalized SMS campaigns that take just 15 minutes to set up. 


Personalized Messages

Mobitel allows for text message marketing for small business communication, with an unlimited number of personalization fields in your messages to boost your campaign's effectiveness.

Segmented Messages

You can segment your database, based on as many criteria as you want. You can separate your bulk SMS regarding their location, their preferred communicational channel and so on.

Unlimited Contacts

Most other platforms limit the number of possible contacts to 10,000. Even if you have a hundred contacts or a million you can upload them to Mobitel at once. 

Integration with other Platforms

Mobitel can be integrated with other platforms you may use. If you use ERP, E-commerce, you can integrate it with Mobitel and update it automatically or schedule your SMS marketing campaigns. 

Opt-in/opt-out Choice

You can give your recipients the chance to select the channel through which they prefer to communicate, the type of message they want to receive and the most suitable time or just to be unsubscribed from your list. 

A/B Testing

You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns through A/B testing. You can create two different templates, then see which of them responds better and improve the efficiency of your communication.  

Worldwide Delivery

Mobitel uses its own networks in order to deliver whatever you want to send to your contacts independently to their location. We guarantee global SMS deliverability which covers 197 countries.  

Time-critical Campaigns

Mobitel enables you to send 20,000 SMS/sec. No matter the number of messages that you want to send, Mobitel can deliver as big a campaign as you want within 15 minutes.  

Real-time campaign Reports

See the exact time of delivery or conversion of your SMS campaign. Access individual data on read status and response content. Track SMS delivery history for any one number through simple yet powerful tools.