80% of security breaches could have been prevented with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Keep your business and your customer data safe with world-class security services from Mobitel. 

Pin code Generation

Mobitel has the back-end logic for PIN code generation. Each code is tied to an individual user and can only be used once.

Intelligent Failover

Automatically resend PIN codes via Text-to-Speech to customers through a single API request without generating additional codes.

Adaptive Routing

Ensure optimum delivery by proactively re-routing messages when network is unavailable. A GPS for your SMS.

Easy to Implement

Two-Factor Authentication can be easily added to any of your business’s web service or software applications using the 2FA SMS API.


Mobitel omnichannel verification code delivery reduces costs while significantly increasing delivery efficiency.


Send messages in your language. Mobitel supports Unicode, so you can communicate with users in their own language.

Grant Privacy

Enable authentication without compromising privacy. Create a secure channel for delivering SMS messages to users.

Gain Insights

Leverage your control of the conversation process and perform analysis to generate new insights for your business.