The verified SMS feature is a great way for businesses to efficiently engage users, build trust, and increase loyalty by guaranteeing secure communication. 

  • Business credibility at the forefront of your communications

An unverified SMS can risk your business credibility. Customers receive countless text messages every day. These texts may include important SMS alerts, one-time passwords, offers, but also spam from random numbers that may pose as your business. Every SMS that fails to be verified will be displayed as “Message could not be verified.” and will show only the sender’s number instead of your brand name.

  • Safer business communications with Google Verified SMS

Secure communication is always our #1 priority. Choosing Routee means that every verified number will be validated twice. Once via Google and once from Routee. We offer the highest anti-spam security to make sure your SMS campaigns reach their destination. The platform prevents you from sending spam campaigns by measuring and informing you about the spam rate of the message. 

  • Choose the highest deliverability rate, global compliance, and simple account management

With an on-growing list of 2000+ contracts with GSM networks globally, Mobitel Verified SMS service provides one of the most secure and well-trusted Marketing SMS platforms.