Unlock Exceptional Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Messages!

WhatsApp, boasting millions of daily active users across 160+ countries and an astonishing 99% message open rate, stands as a global chat platform. Now, envision it as your gateway to elevating customer service and streamlining sales!

Engage with your customers precisely where they feel most at home. With Mobitel's WhatsApp Inbound Message feature, exclusively available to our "Expert" plan subscribers, you can effortlessly receive and promptly respond to direct messages from your valued customers.


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Here's how it can transform your business:


  • Instant Connectivity

Seamlessly connect with your audience in real-time. No more waiting; answer queries, solve issues, and build relationships instantly.

  • Preferred Channel

Meet your customers where they prefer to communicate. WhatsApp is their go-to, and you're just a message away.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

Elevate your customer service game with swift responses and personalized interactions.

  • Boost Sales

Turn inquiries into conversions by guiding potential buyers through the sales journey within the platform they trust.


Connect us today to explore how Mobitel can revolutionize your customer communication!

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